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Flex Camp


хотел Метрополитън, София
Регистрация: 9:00ч

Mihai Pricope, Platform Evangelist, Adobe Systems Romania
is going to talk about ...
1.Flash Platform Vision
2.Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4

Peter Andreas Moelgaard, The author of the upcoming book "Flash
Catalyst - Unleashed" takes you through the workflow of Flash
Catalyst, focusing on how
to roundtrip between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder using the Mate
Flex Framework.

Sean McCracken - Head of Research & Development at Influxis
is going to talk about Massiva3D (The first 3D MMO Chat for Flash -
Create your own world. ), Flash Media Server and Multiplayer game

Sean"Seantron" McCracken is currently Head of Research & Development
at Influxis where he invents new interactive applications and explores
the capabilities of all the latest technologies surrounding FMS.
Recently, he has been focusing on creating new 3D applications for FMS
using Papervision3D, Away 3D, and other new technologies. Prior to
coding, he was an Audio Engineer at Warner Music Group. Seantron is an
Official Contributor to the Away3d team.

About Influxis : Influxis is a specialist in Adobe Flash Media
Interactive Server (FMS or FMIS). FMS powers interactive Flash
applications including on-demand and live video broadcasts, real time
communications, interactive classroom environments, multi-user
collaboration, multi-player gaming, audio streaming, live data
streaming, and more.

Branimir Angleov - Technical Director at GUGGA
is going to talk about

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